Chinese chicken curry


Chinese chicken curry for our dinner tonight with jasmine rice and home made crispy “seaweed”.  Hubby started off with some chicken thighs, which were skinned and de-boned already (most unlike us, we usually keep bones to make stock with) and then marinated the chicken in garlic, ginger, green chili, dark soy and sesame oil for 30 mins while we prepped everything else.

This is a great meal for using up the veg in your fridge, we had some chestnut mushrooms, green pepper, frozen peas and onion to add to the meal.  The jasmine rice is such a lovely grain to cook, it’s a quick cook with a lovely taste and less involved than  sticky rice is.

For the curry sauce itself we use a paste made by Goldfish.  We buy it down our local Asian supermarket, but I know Tesco also sell it.  We mix the paste with some home made chicken stock for a lovely rich flavour.

Dark leaved cavolo nero is perfect for making your crispy seaweed with.  It’s quick to de-vein and slice thinly.  A quick blanch, dry and shallow fry is all you need to get the basics.  Once drained you just need to season to taste and possibly add some 5-spice like we do, or have some crushed peanuts to add!

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