“Sherlock” time!

Which pup has been playing with the new compost I’ve been sorting today?  I’ll give you two guesses!

I’ve been starting the back breaking work of emptying the composter that we leave for a year to rot down (we have 2, used in rotation).  My two pups follow me everywhere and are always curious to see what I’m up to!

One of the reasons for starting this work today (apart from the total lack of snow!!) was that I needed to start off the chitted potato I’ve been given to grow in competition with fellows in our allotment group!  So, lovely fresh home-made compost for it to grow in, let’s hope we do well!  As an added bonus, we even get to keep what we grow!

Will it be potato salad for one, or a case of inviting ALL the neighbours round for a full on spuddy BBQ?  I’ll be able to let you know July 21st when the competition ends and the “Spud-fest” weigh-in has been done!

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