Quick lunch with a punch!


I made something similar for lunch yesterday and loved it so much I made it again today. (Yesterday’s lunch is pictured below.)  That has to be a good recommendation, I couldn’t wait to have it again!

A slice of toast on the bottom to give something to chew on, topped with rocket leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fresh cut chives, bean sprouts and red pepper (which are all  the healthy parts)!  Lots of colour and texture here.  A fresh rocket chilli sliced up and mixed in with the peppery leaves, some salty creamy feta cheese crumbled over the top and then a drizzle of Chipotle oil made by a fellow chili grower (who is much better at it than me!).

Super quick, delicious and hardly any washing up, who can ask for more?!

If you are interested in the chilli oil, please check the link below and see some other wonderful products from Chilli of the Valley.



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