Rose relocation time!


We have two yellow roses growing in our front garden, by the fence between our neighbours and ourselves.  The fence is going to replaced shortly, so I’m trying to see if the roses can be saved.  Usually they have very deep and wide rooting systems, so I’m not too sure if they will survive being temporarily lifted and potted, but it’s worth the effort!

The photo of the flower was taken last summer for the one I’ve moved today.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it’s survival!

The picture below is it’s new temporary home.  Rain has stopped further work outdoors today.  The ground is very wet from recent rain and snow already, so it’s hard to work and slippery to boot!

Please wish me luck with the second one!  It’s wedged between a concrete post, a 2m high holly tree and an old root stump.  It’s also about a decade older than the one I moved today!


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