Chilli plant marathon and more


Brilliant amount of sunshine today, so all the chilli plants got a stint in the poly-tunnel to soak up some rays!  Still have to move them back indoors before they get too cool in the evenings though, most surfaces in the house have plants on them!

We have the following:

  • phase 1 seedlings already in their 2nd pots (sown January)
  • phase 2 seedlings that needed potting on today (sown February)
  • lovely larger plants from a fellow grower who exchanged some plants for some of my  home made jam from last year’s harvest
  • the chilli plants we overwintered


These little beauties have been potted on to their second “pot”, we’re still a bit limited for space, so we’re using a larger seed tray insert that has only 15 sections to it.  The roots looked lovely and they’ve been potted on with some fresh soil with John Innes No1.

Today’s tray included “Golden Cayenne”, “Serrano” and finally some “Capsicum Annum” which wasn’t labelled with any other detail than that when we bought the parent plant last year.  They are seeds we harvested ourselves and have now got 5 established seedlings to work with.

The plants we’ve overwintered are growing very well and have been flowering for a little while, so some time outdoors where they can be naturally pollinated seems like a fabulous idea to me!  We have been lucky and do have a few little chillis on 2 of the plants already, the “Apache” and the “Capsicum Annum”.

Some of the overwintered chilli plants

I’ve also started off seeds for the following:

  • Fiesta sweetcorn
  • Earlibird sweetcorn
  • Rocket
  • Spinach
  • Basil
  • Thai basil
  • Garlic chives

All in all a constructive and busy day! Love it!

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