Cavolo nero, celeriac and barley broth


I’ts not all about chillis you know?!  This delightful broth was a recipe from our GYO magasine a few months back.  It’s quite delicious!  I made a large batch and froze the remainder to have on days where there’s not so much time to plan a healthy lunch.  Today was one of those days!

Picture below is of the soup I made on the first day before freezing.  It lost some colour through freezing and re-heating, but it didn’t change the flavour.  For me personally I’d have used half the apple recommended and also it would be fine if you prefer a slightly more meaty taste, to use chicken stock instead of vegetable.  All the same a cheap and hearty dish full of vitamins and those all important nitrates!

A quick note, after cooking, the barley soaked up almost all the liquid, so if you plan to allow it to cool before freezing, keep your eye on that and add more if needed.


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