Minted chilli peas! Oh and steaks!

This is a side-dish we love so much, we have it as often as can, inspired by a dish from Nando’s called “Macho peas”.

Pretty simple really, chop up the desired amount of fresh chillis and mint leaves, cook off in a little butter, then mix in the frozen peas, add chicken stock (you could also use veggie stock) and use some cornflour to thicken at the end!

Steak night for us, always a bit different, hubby prefers beef and I prefer pork.  We’ve got in the swing of it now, honest!  I had a bone in piece of pork chop and hubby had a large piece of ribeye steak.  We also couldn’t agree on a chilli sauce either tonight, so we’ve got 2 different dishes to show you!

We also had a large stuffed portabello mushroom each with chopped garlic and chilli, and a “slab” of Double Gloucester cheese!  We don’t usually bother with the cheese, so I was amused by it.  It’s a fabulous cheese to cook with for melting, as it doesn’t lose all it’s flavour when hot.

Anyway, mine first!  Pork chop, with Chilli of the Valley “Samurai Mango” sauce.  Lovely and sweet with Aji lemon chilli in it, went beautifully with the pork! (link below)


Then hubby’s ribeye steak (medium rare for those who like to know such things) with Wiltshire Chilli Farm “Trinidad Scorpion” sauce.  He also said it’s a good mix, and I’ll believe him as he’s now almost finished the sauce bottle off having this very meal a few times already before. (link below)


Samurai Mango Sauce

Trinidad Scorpion Sauce

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