Quick & easy chilli sauce, ideal for sarnies


This is a super quick chilli sauce to make, which to be fair, we lob in whatever chillies we have at the time rather than being specific, it’s quite adaptable.  The recipe is from Onmyplate.co.uk and you can click here for the recipe details.

We went out today to seek out some new Asian food markets to see if we could get some things we are starting to struggle to find at our local shops. Anyway, they had a 400g bag of lovely sweet smelling log red chillies reduced to just £1.50, so we grabbed it. When we got home we made hubby a sauce for his lunches.  He ran out of the one we made last year which used scotch bonnets and apache chillis.  This time we used the long reds and some birdseyes. It seems to be a good recipe to work with, just using what you have in approximate weights.


You also use fresh tomatoes, garlic cloves, onion, tomato puree, smoked paprika, oil and white wine vinegar, then salt and sugar to taste.


You start by cooking off your garlic, onion and fresh chillies in the oil on low for 10 mins, while any dried chillies you are using get soaked in boiling water to rehydrated.


After 10 mins, you add your chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, some water and the paprika, give it all a good stir then lid on and simmer for up to 25 mins to allow the tomatoes to completely soften.  Keep your eye on it and stir occasionally.


Once everything is simmered and soft allow it to cool slightly before the next stage.  You’ll want to have a good blender, add the white wine vinegar, sugar and salt to the tub, then add your re-hydrated chillies and the chilli mixture to the blender container.  Blitz until no lumps are left, then put into sterilised jars/bottles and allow it to cool with the lid on to make a good seal.

Once opened you’ll want to keep it in the fridge to be safe.  Before opening it’s fine in a cool dark place.  I won’t advise on storage times, we’ve not had any issues, but we aren’t a lab to thoroughly test these things…!


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