Vietnamese venison stew, recipe testing


This was an interesting recipe to try, we’ve made something similar with beef before and thought this could be a good variation!  The Vietnamese I imagine would use Sika deer if they made this dish.  We had some venison from a local game keeper and we’ve managed to make 2 separate meals so far and another 2 planned just from one leg,. (These 4 meals will easily 14 portions/meals for us, great value for money.)

Back to this meal … this recipe is from Riverford Organic Farmers’ website and you can click here to view it.  Using sweet potato, carrot, onion and shallot for the vegetables, it does come out sweet to our palate, so next time we’d omit the 2 extra tsp of sugar the recipe asked for.  That’s personal choice though.  I think me might also add some more 5-spice, the flavour was very delicate, but that did honour the venison and you could taste if very well.

We served ours with some jasmine rice, but you could easily also have this dish with bread and mop up any gravy/juice left over.

Initially when the lid went on for the simmer part of the make, we were worried that only 500ml of stock may not be enough, but our lid made a reasonable seal and with the water released from the carrots and onions it was more than sufficient!  Do keep an eye on it though and adjust if needed.

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