Moving the gooseberry bush


Today was a big job!  We have a wonderful, large and very productive gooseberry bush, which was just unfortunately planted in the wrong place, which was evident after it had grown for a few years. It was blocking our way to get to the water butt that collects our garage’s rain water, so had to move.

It’s been under snow a few times and it’s my own fault I guess for not moving it at the start of the winter, but needs must and today it got re-homed!  Let’s hope it survives!  I spent about an hour clearing the horizontal large roots for about 2 feet in all directions around it and loosening the soil, so let’s hope that was enough!

The ground I was moving it to was unprepared, so yet more work!

Initially when we started turning the back garden into growing space, there was a herb border and LOTS of paving slabs.  Each year we clear a little more, until eventually it will all be sorted. (Below was the first photo I took of our garden, we’d made space to plant our cherry tree, before we got addicted to gardening and all the plans changed!)


Back to the prep work.  This patch of garden had been left alone for the last few years so a serious sort our required!


So the weed barrier was drawn back, the ground underneath dug over and both chicken pooh pellets and some compost from our composter have been dug into the ground.

Then I’ve transplanted the large gooseberry bush, given it some support until the roots have taken hold again and planted a new one beside it too, this time allowing for plenty of growing room all around! We can now also get to the water butt! Woohoo!

New weed barrier has been placed and the old slate fragments re-used to keep it in place.  The edge is still rough and ready until we decide the layout moving forward and who knows, we might even make a little path?!


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