Vegan haggis and rumbledethumps!


It’s very hard to make vegetarian haggis look attractive on the plate!  Here’s a picture of it before cooking though which is much more appealing! It is worth the effort, honest.


This is a lovely recipe from “Emma’s Little Kitchen” and the recipe should you like to see is available if you click here.  It is a different texture and taste for those who’ve not had “real” haggis before, but the flavours here are pretty good.  It is again quite a sweet recipe, on making it again I’d personally not add the molasses, but I will make it again.

There were 6 portions from this recipe and it’s frozen and defrosted well enough!

Then, there is the rumbledethumps!  Delicious leftover meal that you can make fresh if you prefer.  There is a recipe from “The Spruce” for those who want it (click here), or you can use your imagination and have a play!  Up to you!

Mine is leftover mash, swede, carrot and kale, with lots and lots of freshly ground pepper, salt to taste and lashings of grated cheese! It’s a favourite side-dish of mine.


Before and after shots, baked in the oven for 20 minutes then under the grill for 5.


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