Very colourful dinner, lots to see!


Shall we start with the mini-starter?!  Stuffed chilli peppers, full of cheesey goodness!


There was a recipe in some distant past, but this is what I throw together usually!

100g feta
100g garlic roule
20g grated parmesan (or other hard cheese)
1 large tomato, de-seeded and chopped
2 fresh chillies, chopped (you can omit these if you prefer, or add more)
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cumin powder
Handful of fresh coriander leaves
Juice of 1 lime (you can add the zest too if you like)
Fresh ground black pepper

Tip – Do not add any extra salt to this mixture, the cheese has enough salt in it already!

Blitz the ingredients in a blender then stuff your chillies.  You can also use this to stuff mini cucumbers, or mini peppers, or even on top of your toast!  The extra left can be frozen and used another day.


This is a super quick and tasty filling!  I hope you give it a go!

Next part of our meal was the grilled sweetcorn.  This was marinated for 2 hours in salt, pepper, olive oil and juice of 1 lemon.  It adds a lovely zingy flavour.  Once grilled you can also sprinkle on other spices if you like, but we had enough taste on the plate tonight to leave these as they were!


Then we made the chorizo and orzo salad (recipe here), this is because I started with my blog of a photo of the last time we made it and hubby exclaimed “Oh I remember that, when are we having it again?!”  So that’s why you are all being subjected to it again so soon!

Finally we stuffed some long red peppers, with a mixture of the chorizo salad and topped them with some cheese.  These went under the grill too.


Finally all together on the plate and very tasty it was too!  (Although lots of washing up to do now!)


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