Mushroom and chicken risotto.


Risotto is one of those wonderfully comforting meals made with just a few simple ingredients.

I was making a large batch of chicken stock today (recipe and details here) which always makes the house smell wonderful but at the same time makes you crave chicken!  It made sense to me to use some of our fresh stock to make this wonderful dinner.

The recipe I used as my inspiration today is from the BBC Goodfood website and can be found here but me being me, I like to have a play!  I did think about following the recipe to the letter, and set up my chopping board to do so, but then…. well, I have so many mushrooms to use up…. =D

I added field mushrooms and baby chestnut mushrooms, as well as some dried mixed field mushrooms which I pre-soaked in boiling water for 20 mins.  I reserved this liquor to use in the risotto too!

I used a mixture of shallots and onions, because that is what I had in the veg rack that needed using up!  I omitted the white wine as I didn’t have any and replaced that liquid with the mushroom liquor as mentioned above.

We are also big fans of garlic, so we added to cloves of crushed garlic for the last 2 minutes of the “onion cooking time” before the mushrooms were added in the method.

This still made 4 portions and hubby and I have a delicious lunch each with the leftovers tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy playing with the recipe too!  (Sorry for the little bit of extra stock left not soaked up, hubby wanted to eat asap, so we served a bit quicker than we should have, c’mon, we’ve all been there!)



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