Asian steamed sea bream, seriously moreish!


This recipe took us both by surprise, there is a fair amount of prep and lots of ingredients required!  Totally worth it however, we will make this again!

Out of necessity we had to make a few substitutions.  We didn’t have Oyster sauce, so believe it or not subbed in Hoisin (it’s only 1 tbsp for the whole meal, so not too bad) and we didn’t have an orange or lime, so subbed in 3 clementines and 1 lemon instead! Crazy ehh?!  We also didn’t bother with “syruping the lime segments” we aren’t too bothered with sweet things and as we’d added Hoisin which has sugar in too, we figured the taste balance would still work.

Time planning, you’ll need it!  –  You can certainly prep toasting the sesame seeds in advance, grind your Szechuan pepper corns for instance and make your marinade and “stuffing” ready.  We had the added difficulty with part of the method that asks you to place your fish on a plate in the steamer….  none of our plates would fit in the steamer, so we used wide soup bowls after a bit of experimentation.

We served this with sticky rice and some lovely peppery watercress which complimented it very very well!  This is a super healthy recipe.  We didn’t oil our bowls with the fish in as the bowls helped keep the marinade level high and that meant less chance of the fish sticking to the bowl, might be different if you can use plates, oiling might be required then, so the only added fat is the light drizzle of sesame oil at the end when serving!  The only salt in the recipe came from the 1 tbsp of fish sauce.

The original recipe is from BBC Food recipes website and can be found here.

Plating up was a bit of a failure, we had no idea how much topping there was I suppose this may have been adapted to our more Western tastes to hide the sight of the fish.

We’d actually researched 3 recipes to do with our fish, 1 Mediterranean, 1 British and 1 Asian.  We are VERY happy with the choice we made!

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