Hard graft!


Despite the constant rain and general sludginess of the garden, the workmen arrived to work on next door’s garden today.  They are scraping off all their soil and making a driveway and in the meantime taking down the fence between us and replacing it.

This also meant that all plants along that fence were going.  I’d managed to dig out one of the rosebushes earlier on (also talked about) but this one was growing right underneath a 3m tall holly tree and next to an old beech tree stump, roots all entwined.  They used their digger to help move it out, but most of the roots have been severed and I’m really not too sure this wonderful bush will be able to recover.

I will try my very best though!

The featured photograph is from 2014, such beautiful yellow and orange-tipped flowers.

Currently however it’s a different story; what’s left of the bush is in a large bucket while I work out a new home for it.


In the meantime, there is no fence between next door and ourselves, so we will have to be careful about the pups!


I’m a lady who likes to save and make use of what I can, so I was out there in my wellies lifting our the fence posts, moving paving slabs that could also be re-used and edging slabs.  I was quite shattered after almost 2 hours.  I was also soaking wet and everything had to be washed.  Even my wellies are still trying to dry out!

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