Back garden got worked on too!


It’s probably a little strange that we are growing in both the allotment and the back garden, but some plants can be better managed at home for starters (fruit bushes for example).  Also, we can get a better chance of saving correctly pollinated seeds if we keep some things separate!  Our garden also has 6ft high fencing all the way round, so it’s slightly more sheltered than the plot, and that’s meant this year we hope to grow some butter beans too!  That will be a new crop for us, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Today’s been quite a bit of hard work.  The back garden had about 20 dandelions growing in it after being allowed to rest over winter!  That was hubby’s job to sort out, while I plated some early peas (meteor) and some pink broad beans (karmazyn).  Both have to be covered with netting as a nearby household likes to feed the pigeons daily. When they’ve had their breakfast there, they then hang around our garden looking for what else they can find.  They manage most years to get all our cherries, so we’ve a plan this year for that!

Also today we’ve managed to get the rescued rose bush into a pot, it’s the best we can do, so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed.  Then finally, we’ve got our runner beans in seed peat pots to start them off ready for planting at the end of the month.  We’re growing 2 varieties that we love (firestorms and scarlet emperors) which have given us heavy crops for the last few years.  We’ve been learning lots of ways to cook runner beans, which I will be delighted to share with you later in the year!  I’m looking forward to runner bean and bacon soup again though!

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