The rain stopped! For a few hours…


We’ve been able to make some progress today! Hurrah!  The rain has been almost constant for about 10 days here on our hill, so it’s been wonderful to get out and do something constructive!

This is our first year of allotmenting!  We’ve been growing for about 6 years in the back garden, but this is a whole new adventure for us!  About 3 weeks ago we managed to get the onions, garlics and my hopeful hubby also wanted to broadbeans to go in too.  (Picture below of him checking the seeds were ok before planting!)


Back to today, so the onions are still slowly thinking about growing but the garlic has done very well!  We are growing a “strong flavoured” variety, so we are hoping for a good crop!

Today, we’ve got some more digging over done, have planted early peas, peas and mangetout out and prepped more soil for planting through the week if the weather continues to hold!  I know they are predicting some heat for us, but I’ll be happy enough with just a lack of rain!  As you can see in the picture below, the rain was thinking about getting us again, but thankfully it didn’t drown us!


I also discovered at the back of the plot where lots of random things have been left, that we’ve a few rhubarb crowns doing well!  What joy!  I will check with the next plot owner across whether it’s theirs or ours as it’s on the boundary… I’ve 2 crowns in the back garden already, so I will have rhubarb regardless!  Hubby doesn’t like it at all, but as he’s away for work a few days next week, I’ll be making something for myself with a few stalks (from the more established plant in the back garden!)!


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