Allotment love and human kindness!


As I arrived at the allotment today, I was greeted by a fellow member who had taken over a plot which a large patch of rhubarb already established.  They didn’t want all of it so offered me the option of taking a crown or two!  What an amazing start to the day?!  (Keep reading though as more happened!)

So I quickly went about the task of rescuing the some of the unwanted crowns (turns out there were about 8 spares in the end!) and whisked them off to my plot to be planted.

One of them came with a little hitchhiker, beautiful to see an English Ladybird!


Then I went to the back of the plot to where the extra crowns were the other day and have made a rhubarb corner!


Then, would you believe it, but the people who have the plot just below me offered me some of their raspberry canes!  Can you believe it?!  They’ve also just taken on the plot and the previous owner had let them run riot and spread all over!


So a bit more digging and they are all in their new home! Job done!


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice post


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