River Cobbler (Basa) en papillote


This is such a nifty way to cook your fish, gently steamed in paper so it’s retaining all it’s own flavour and it’s a gentle cook to keep your fish soft, flaky and delicious!

I fancied something lemony, with lots of pepper and bursts of capery saltiness, luckily hubby was only too happy to oblige!  River cobbler (Basa) is becoming more popular, but at the moment it’s still not a hugely expensive fish to buy.  It usually comes already filleted as the Cobbler fish is not the most attractive for some to look at!

The fish was laid on a bed of thinly sliced fresh lemon and some smoked garlic slices, then lots of fresh pepper over the top, capers and some cherry tomatoes all on the paper envelope too; a quick drizzle of olive oil then wrapped loosely but making a seal and baked in the oven on 180 (Gas mark 4) for 15 minutes.

We had new potatoes and lots of leafy greens to go with our fish.  Very tasty, quick to make, healthy too!  There is no added salt to this recipe, just salt from the capers.

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