Lady bugs


I’ve been very lucky to capture this shot of a Ladybug about to take off!  It had been sunning itself on our rhubarb down at the plot.

I also got a cheeky little Harlequin beetle looking at me earlier today from the nook of a blackcurrant leaf in the garden.


The Harlequins are not a native UK species and they’ve had some bad press; they are voracious eaters and can therefore munch the same foods as other beetles and therefore upset the balance, but they are still a welcome guest in my garden.


My cherry tree hasn’t even blossomed yet, it’s leaves just starting to unfurl and I’ve got ants moving in and harvesting “their” aphids already!  There is also a pretty garden spider making a web between this branch and another.  I do love to see all these happy animals, I don’t mind a few as long as they don’t damage too much, they were here long before I was after all.

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    Nice post


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