Garden developments & cherry blossom!!

Woohoo! Finally our cherry tree flowers have started opening up, they look glorious!  The tree will be covered in open flowers for the next few days, I love taking pictures of it all!  This year we hope to deter the local pigeons from eating them all by hanging shiny things in the tree that get blown about in the wind, but I’ve left them off so I can take some good pictures and we don’t frighten pollinators away too!

Have had a productive day so far in the back garden and there is still a little more to do too!  (Planning to plant 3 more gooseberry bushes out and some herbs that are currently in pots, sage and rosemary.)

Starting with some Aronia (Chokeberry) plants; I found 2 little plants in Wilko, so have brought them home (I was looking for elderflower, but haven’t found any yet).  I’ve not eaten chokeberries before, so I hope we will be able to try some in 2019.  They are a bit too small just now for anything and I’d rather they grew strong than fruited early.

Aronia, variety Viking, aka Chokeberry 

These should be easy bushes to grow, they like most soils and as long as they don’t sit in wet claggy soil they should thrive! Sounds too good to be true ehh?!

Next topic, competition potato!!!!

Competition potato, 22nd April 2018

We will be able to put a 2nd layer of soil in soon, we’ll wait until the two new shoots have got a little bigger before we do so, but as this is a competition, we’ve added some chicken pooh pellet fertiliser to the soil for the next layer!  Still hoping not to be embarrassed, we’re not bothered about actually winning!  The garden group take it quite seriously, the competition has been going for years!

“Benfield Berry Rum” Started today

A good friend asked us to dabble with steeping rum for a change and after a little experimentation of cocktails and hangovers, we decided strawberry, basil and peppercorn would be a lovely one to start with!  This mix has been named in honour of the friend who asked for it as it’s also her birthday today!

We’ve also sown some Alpine strawberry seeds today, as we hope this is a winner of a flavour and therefore being able to use homegrown could only enhance it!

Strawberries soon, hopefully!

I rooted about in the garage to find a container large enough to store all the Dreadnaught broad bean seeds hubby has purchased recently!

Joke picture, broad bean storage

Seriously though, managed to sort out all the broad beans, runners, climbers and peas into the same container as the seed storage we had was bursting and overflowing with stock!

Properly sorted now!

We also managed to sow the Egyptian beetroot seeds for the 1st wave, we’ll start some more again in the following weeks.  Successional planting is something we aren’t too good at just yet, but we’re hoping to get better at it!  Also started the beginning of the little gem lettuce crop and we have some black beauty courgettes (zucchini) started too.

Had to erect another shelving unit for them all!

We still have floor space in the poly for another shelving unit, so we should be able to do a fortnightly sew of things like salad leaves, lettuce and basil.

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