Oily fish, smoked mackerel


Oily fish is so good for you according to NHS choices and it’s super tasty too!

The weather here has been pretty poor, lots of rain preventing the much needed digging work in the garden and allotment, but you can still make an amazingly simple and tasty dish that ticks lots of health benefit boxes.

Wholegrain bread – fibre
Oily fish – vitamins, minerals and healthy essential fats
Rocket salad – vitamins and minerals

Super pleasing to the eye, done as quickly as your toaster can manage!  This particular fish is from a tin, it comes pre-smoked and with chilli flakes, but there are so many others available!  This takes away all the worry of processing a fresh fish at home, what to do with the leftovers, do you have the skills required to fillet a fish etc?! Give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

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