Seedlings, poly-tunnel excitement!


The runner beans (as featured) have just started showing today, yippee!  We are growing 2 varieties, Scarlet Emperor and Firestorm, we’ve grown them both successfully before and enjoy their flavour.  I’ve also got a string-less variety to try, but as yet have not planted any, I’m going to see what space we have left at the allotment first!  That variety is called Lady Di, but I’ve not tried it yet.

We’ve got some of the basil seedlings making their first appearance, which were sown 5th April and they’ve been left uncovered in the poly-tunnel to germinate.  I’ve been lucky they came up really, we’ve had cooler weather recently!

Basil seedlings

We’ve also got some sweetcorn coming along well, and I’m hoping to get them planted out in the next week.  This variety is called Fiesta.  Strangely they’ve done better at germinating and grown quicker so far than the Earlibird variety planted at the same time!  Food for thought!  The Fiesta was also 100% germination, the Earlibird about 75%.

Fiesta Sweetcorn

These Fiestas make beautiful multi-coloured cobs!

2017 cobs, Bloody Butcher grown too! (Dark red one)

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