Hectic gardening times! Loving it!


There’s so much work to be done at the moment both in the garden and the allotment, that most of the time we’re not getting the time to update the blog.

Rest assured gardening work is still going on!  We’ve started training the flowering thornless blackberry vines along the fencing and as you can see from the featured picture, the bees are loving it.


Some of the chilli plants are flowering and some of the ones we overwintered already have large ripening pods on them!

Explosive Ember Chilli flower

We have lots of seedlings on the go, as not everything we planted as seeds at the allotment were successful, so there’s a little bit of catching up to do.  We also were gifted a new dibber!  Made use of that already!


We have trays of broad beans, runner beans, tomatoes, nasturtiums, marigolds, lettuces all growing well.

This year we don’t think our alpine strawberries are going to do very well. Three of the six plants we’ve been growing for 5 years died through the harder winter and the seeds we started have yet to grow.  I expect they’ll start next year after a freeze.

We’ve taken measures to protect our cherry tree from the greedy pigeons and have a technicolour flashy tree now as sunlight reflects off all the old CD’s hanging from it’s boughs!


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