Chive flowers! Multiple uses!


These gorgeous little flowers taste wonderful, if you’ve not already tried them, you will be amazed!

We’ve steeped some in white wine vinegar for 2 weeks.  This makes a lovely onoin tasting vinegar, perfect for dressings on your salads.  It can’t be easier to do!

Chive flowers in vinegar
  • Pick your flowers and wash them to remove any insects
  • Pinch off the 2 large outer petals and stem that are at the back of the flower head
  • (Don’t worry if the little flowers separate, you will be straining the mix)
  • Add to a jar, pour on your white wine vinegar and refrigerate for 2 weeks
  • Strain out the flowers, put the vinegar in a sterilised bottle and store in the fridge

You can also use the flowers fresh in your salads, they are bright and beautiful to look at as well as being super tasty!

Cherry tomato, basil and chive flower salad
Rocket, avocado, cherry tomato and chive flower salad

I’ve also found some interesting recipes to try out, so watch this space for more ideas!

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