Needed some cake! Healthy options.


What a wonderful time of year, when plants are all fruiting and you can gather a fresh harvest and be eating it a few moments later.

As you may be aware, hubby and I have been working hard to lose weight and the plan is to keep it off too.  Therefore we’ve made a lifestyle change and adapted the foods we eat to either make healthier options when cooking, or reduced the quantities etc.

So when it comes to cake, well, it’s something we’ve avoided for a long time as most commercial cakes you buy in the shops are full extra sugars with toppings and full fat options used, and then there is the option to cook at home (which we love) but then you are tempted to eat more because you’ve made a 2lb loaf cake!

Thankfully we discovered some small individual cake tins for baking.  There is some trial and error to testing how long the smaller version needs to cook and at what temperature in your oven.  If you’d normally be making a 7 inch cake and reduce it to 3 inches, that will make a difference!  We found reducing the oven temperature slightly by 10 degrees and cooking for the same amount of time worked in our oven.

The long and short was beautifully small and tidy sponges to make a Victoria sponge with.  We used half-fat cream for the filling and slices of fresh strawberries instead of jam, far less sugar and still super tasty.

The sponge mixture was enough to make 4 individual sponges in the small tins, so they are not in the freezer safely for another day.  Might get to use our blueberries with the next one, who knows?!



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  1. mistimaan says:

    So yummy

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