Roast chicken and chicken supreme


We roasted a small chicken yesterday, well there is only the two of us after all!  We were lucky enough to have hubby’s favourite potatoes in the potato bag still (Jersey Royals) and some local asparagus and broccoli to go with it.  The cooking juices were used to make the gravy.  Hubby is a leg man, so he had that and I had one breast.  The remainder were allowed to cool and then were stripped from the bones.

Roast chicken

As you know, we then freeze all our bones for use later to make stock.  If you want to see our recipe for that, please click here.

The leftover stripped chicken pieces have then been used in our version of chicken supreme.  To be honest, sometimes there’s a little “use what’s left in the fridge” mentality going on, so ours tonight also had a strip of pancetta in it, which is unusual, but all the usual suspects were there, onions, peas, green bell pepper, parsley, garlic and mushrooms.  Where we differ is that we use our chicken stock thickened with a little flour to make the sauce the chicken and vegetables go in.

Hope you enjoy our variation and let us know how you get on!

Chicken supreme

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