Omlette; feta, chive flowers & smoked garlic


We don’t have many chive flowers left now, we’ve left 2/3rds of them so that the bees can visit and the chive plants will continue to grow year on year.  It’s been wonderful to make a few recipes with them this year that are new to us!

Today’s quick lunch, chives, chive flowers and smoked garlic sautéed in a little unsalted butter, a light and fluffy 2 egg omelette and some crumbled barrel aged feta cheese…..


Smoked garlic is available at most supermarkets now if you aren’t one to do your own smoking!  The cloves have a much milder flavour as they are already cooked in the smoking process, so they are great for salads and quick toppings.


Once the omelette was cooked (a few minutes) and the chive mixture was ready (45 seconds give or take) I crumbled some feta onto half the omelette and then sprinkled the mixture over the top and folded the omelette in half.

Quick peppery leaf salad to go alongside, beautiful!


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe

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