Chokeberry, time to pot on already!

We bought these 2 little chokeberry (Aronia) bushes back in April, having done a little research into how beneficial their berries are and what awesome jam they make!  Long term investment growing anything fruiting, but we were hopeful they’d be quicker to get to harvest than the blueberries!!! (5 years and counting, they are slow growers!)  It looks like we were right!

They’ve been sat happily in their pots, growing away and have almost doubled in size in 2 months! Woohoo!

We’ve got some pots in the shed, which were flower buckets in a supermarket.  They are an excellent size and we were lucky enough to be given them for free!  They don’t have holes in the bottom for drainage though, but that’s something that’s easily fixed!

Some good rocks in the bottom to help with weight and drainage (weight is needed here as it gets windy on our hill)!  Layered with compost from our compost bin and some chicken pooh pellets for fertiliser.

As you can see, the plants have well established roots and ordinarily you’d just pot on in something a little bigger.  For us, most of our pots of appropriate size are already being used for chilli plants!  These seem to be so fast at growing, we’re taking a chance and going straight to a large pot.  We wouldn’t expect to see much growth in the bush for the next month or two while it sets up it’s roots.

Exciting times!  Hopefully next year we will be able to have some fruit to try!

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