Asparagus quiche, no pastry!


Inspired by a recent video doing the rounds on Facebook from Tesco, we decided to make a healthy low fat quiche, using sweet potato as suggested in thin layers instead of pastry for the bottom.

It turns out we didn’t have a decent dish for this either, so it was made in a Pyrex casserole dish.  This means it’s a little deeper than normal quiches and we had to adjust the cooking time accordingly.  It was still very tasty though!

Ingredients were some UK asparagus, smoked garlic, smoked sausage and chives.  We used fat free cottage cheese to replace cream and we used parmesan instead of cheddar, which should help reduce calories but help boost the flavour.

The sweet potato was cut into thin slices and spread about the bottom of the bowl, then this was baked “blind” for 10 mins at 160 C.  The filling was made while this was cooking

The middle was made with 5 eggs (as cottage cheese is quite “wet” I added an extra egg to help with binding), some smoked pork sausage, about 150g, 2 smoked garlic cloves, thinly sliced and 4 heaped tbsp zero fat cottage cheese.  This was mixed well.

A good handful of fresh chives from the garden also finely chopped, some good parmesan grated and mixed in (about 1/2 a cup) and then an additional 1/2 a cup for the top.  The asparagus was then neatly settled on the top.  (Please note, while this looks pretty, it does make it harder to cut up later!)

This was then baked at 160 C for 55 minutes, then the oven turned out and the quiche left in the warm oven.  Allow to completely set, you should be able to stick a thin spike into it, like a cake and it come out clean.


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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice one

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