Savoury rhubarb and ginger jam


Always one to try something new, I spotted this recipe while researching what to make with my rhubarb yesterday, so gave it a go!

The original recipe is here.

It’s quick to prep and cook, which is always a bonus!  Here’s a picture of the ingredients in a pan.


What changes did I make and would make if made again….?

I used unrefined sugar as I have some in the baking cupboard.  I would also use less Thyme, I’m not too sure if 3 tbsp was a misprint, but it’s heavy.  I’d half that next time and see how it goes.

It’s goes very well with cheese and crackers!  This amount of ingredients made 4 small jars.

The rhubarb jam is on the cracker at the back! (This photo is for another project!)

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty


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