Spiced ginger and rhubarb cake


I absolutely love rhubarb but hubby hates it!   I’ve tried this year to make some savoury items with it too, in the hope that we’d find something we both liked, but that’s sadly not worked for him.  All the better for me though, I can make what I like with it now and don’t have to share it!!! MWahahahah!

So, I made two different recipes yesterday using some of our supplies from the garden.  Here’s the first.

I give you, moist, gooey, sticky, slightly chewy topped rhubarb and ginger cake.  Essentially the recipe I used is here  but as I love all things ginger, I doubled up the amount of ginger powder used and also added some chopped stem ginger.

To die for!

I took lots of pieces to my photography club group so they could help me scoff it.  I can’t eat that much cake on my own.  Everyone seemed very happy with it!

As per usual, mine came out nothing like the picture, but I’m happy about that, as it was delicious!  I didn’t add any extra icing sugar on the top, I thought it was sweet enough.


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  1. mistimaan says:

    So yummy


    1. ebbeybear says:

      Thanks, it was!

      Liked by 1 person

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