Dreams of our woodland…

The expression “from little acorns, mighty oaks grow” is apt for this blog today!

Hubby and I are passionate about many topics, one of which is food, another gardening as you already know, but also we hope, desire and dream of starting to grow a woodland somewhere that’s been deforested and is now being naturalised again.

We’ve been collecting seeds from our travels out and about and have been growing a few saplings in containers so that when we have some land ready, we also have something to plant too!

I wanted to share with you that hubby found a little oak tree growing at the allotment a while back, and left it in situ to grow a little larger before he digs it out to bring home.  Made even more amazing is the revelation that this was in his bed for his favourite vegetable, specifically Dreadnaught broad beans.  He planted around the tree allowing space so it wouldn’t be disturbed.

Oak sapling at the plot
Oak sapling started 2018 at home

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