Our “healthier” sausage, egg and chips

Sometimes you want comfort food, something you fondly remember from your childhood, which you know now is bad for you, but that little craving voice is still there….

May I introduce our healthier take on this British staple?!  Oven chips, the thick chunky ones, so there is more potato and less fat.  Two small sausages, that were baked in the oven, much better than frying! A poached egg rather than fried, then a side of avocado and tomato salad with a couple of freshly sliced chillies added with fresh lime juice, mmm zingy!

Lastly, but certainly not least, some oven baked cherry tomatoes on the vine, with slices of smoked garlic and balsamic vinegar.  Such a delicious meal and you don’t feel too guilty afterwards!

A small amount of salt was added to the avocado salad and the tomatoes.  There will also be salt in the sausages, so we can’t claim this will be the best on that front, but it was a delight to look at and I would munch this again tonight if I wasn’t already defrosting chicken!

Sausage, egg and chips, healthier style than usual!

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