“A bit of a pickle” Artisan pickle maker


We placed an order with an artisan pickle maker from Wales =D trading as “A Bit Of  A Pickle” and they’ve been trading since at least 2015, so we hope they continue to expand and enjoy their work!

We make pickles, jams and chutneys of our own, so it’s not often we’re tempted to buy others but this was an exception.

There will be multiple ways these products can be enjoyed, we’re not providing a definitive list here, just reporting back on our experience with each of these pickles, chutneys and preserves.  The seals on all of these products were excellent, just adding that in while thinking about it!

Chorizo Jam

We tried this with 3 meals in varying ways.  It’s a savoury jam that works best when warm.  We still have a little left, so we can add more details about those meals at a later date.  For now we have the following as below

Firstly we tried this with burgers, which worked very well.  The paprika taste from the jam complimented the spicy pheasant burger well.

Secondly we had the jam with our non-traditional fried breakfast; halloumi, fried mushrooms, grilled tomato and spinach.  Once the jam had warmed up with the hot food, it was delicious.  (You store it in the fridge once opened!)

Our third meal, we melted the jam with a little extra butter and had it as a topping on a side of asparagus.  This was also a tasty way to have it, but do be careful here, it’s easy to overcook the small pieces of the chorizo sausage if you aren’t watching it carefully!

We still have some left and have been told it also works well with fried egg and cheese on toast, so we can hopefully try those soon.

Chilli, Tomato & Apple Chutney

This chutney has an intense colour and a good texture.

The first meal was with the aforementioned spicy pheasant burgers, and we’d have to say we preferred the chorizo jam at the time.  That’s not knocking the chutney at all, it was just up against stiff competition!  It’s a sweet preserve and went very will with the two varieties of cheeses we bought to taste test it with (a strong cheddar and a herb infused cheese).  There is enough acidity there to let it work with multiple other food choices, I would expect it to go exceedingly well with a pork pie!  We won’t be able to taste test that just now due to our diets though…..

There is a little heat to the chutney, we eat a fair bit of hot food so to us it was a milder heat, but for those who have chilli infrequently, you’ll get a lovely little kick from it.

Evil Chilli Chutney

This was our favourite of the four, it’s an interesting product that could be used mixed in with your sauce base (chillies and curries for example) or you can have it on the side too.  We haven’t tested this on cheese, in our minds that wasn’t where we wanted to go, but we’ve had this product with both a Caribbean and Indian curry and loved it both times.  The jar is already empty (speaks volumes about our self control!) We will be ordering more.  This is a hot chutney, if you aren’t used to eating chillies we wouldn’t advise scoffing it.

We’ve also been advised there is another similar product in development with even more heat to it, so there may be another review to come in the next few months!!!

It’s hard to photograph brightly coloured foods together sometimes, apologies for that!  The chutney was very complimentary with both meals and had a good texture.

Lime Pickle

This has only been tested with the Indian curry from last night’s meal  It’s a milder and sweeter flavour than the ones we’ve had in the past, so for some this will be an excellent choice.  It’s a good colour and consistency, very zingy and you know there are limes in it with lovely chunks to chew and the flavour of the lime has not been overpowered with spices.  You could also mix this in with milder curry sauces for adding a different flavour as well as spreading lavishly on a poppadom!

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