Malabi, coconut milk pudding


We based our pudding on this wonderful recipe link here from “The Spruce Eats”, which is a website we’ve made a fair few recipies from now!  We can recommend them!

Essentially you are making a coconut milk jelly for the bottom of your dish, then adding fruit and nuts etc of choice for the top.

We’d already got some home made strawberry compote, some rose water, rose petals and pistachios in our store cupboard; so this became a very quick and delicious pudding to make.  It ticks all the boxes, rich, creamy, looks fabulous and feels indulgent!

This pudding was made as part of a Mediterranean food holiday challenge.  It wasn’t something we’d even heard of before, but sometimes internet searches produce wonderful results!  We will be making this again and experimenting with other flavours for the toppings too!  (Based on seasonal cooking and what’s available at the time!)

Hope you enjoy trying this yourself, please do comment and share your results!

Malabi (our way)

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks yummy


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