Bunny bolognese


This little treat is a Jamie Oliver recipe (link here) which is a recipe we’ve gone back to again and again!  We are lucky enough to have access to local game, so our CO2 footprint with this recipe is negligible, it’s healthy as rabbit is naturally low in fat and the cooking method ensures all the goodness from your veggies stays right in the pot. A dish full of flavour!!!  One rabbit has made us 8 portions; Jamie’s recipe suggests you can feed 12 (which is probably correct with the right portion control!)

We’ve cooked this bolognese in the oven as Jamie suggests, but also this time we tried cooking it in the slow cooker.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and get the opportunity to try this yourselves!

You start in the slow cooker, by layering all the carrots and leeks at the bottom, place your rabbit on top (our we’d already jointed before freezing as it takes up less room), then all the remaining ingredients go in!  We had a good bottle of Morland’s “Old Hoppy Hen” IPA to add, which makes a change from the traditional red wine you’d expect and also keeps the sauce light.

When you’ve cooked this for 12 hours, regardless of in the oven or slow cooker, you’ll need to let this cool before you get your hands in there to remove the meat from the bones, the stems and leaves you don’t want left in and the bulb of garlic will need all it’s sticky gooey filling squidged out too!  Mix well, break up the veg as you go along and serve with your favourite pasta as one suggestion.  This is also delicious with garlic bread, just saying!

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks good


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