Cajun rainbow trout, with Cajun courgettes


We love this rainbow trout recipe and it’s on earlier posts if you’d like to know a little more about it.  Today we boiled some new potatoes and gave them a quick roast by drizzling a little olive oil over (once crushed a little), with cumin, chipotle powder, thyme, oregano and a little salt.  Just for about 15 mins at 180c will be enough to finish them off and give you some crispy skins too!

The courgette was so tasty, that was the new part of today’s meal.  The recipe for it is here from a website called “She knows”.  Can’t say I’ve used them before, but will go back to have a better look at what else was out there.  Essentially you are cooking your courgette in chicken stock with herbs and spices, with some cornflour to thicken the gravy.  This is an easily adaptable recipe for so many other meals, I think it’s a stunner.

We also have corn growing on our plot, so that’s getting snuck into many meals at the moment!  Always so appealing on the plate to look at!

Hope you enjoy!

On the plate

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