Mexican inspired spiced chilli coffee paste


Had a bit of a look about for am inspiring recipe today as we have so many ripe chillies to use at the moment and eating them on and in meals isn’t getting through them all quick enough!

This recipe caught my eye as we love chilli and coffee together, so thanks to “Food at heart” (link here).  It also retains most of the heat from the chilli as this is a raw rather than cooked paste.  It’s been put into a sterilised jar, but it will still only last about a month (if we don’t use it all up beforehand!)

Differences we made are that we used 2 smoked dried chipotle chillies as we wanted that smokey flavour for sure. Also added 2 tsp of coffee (we love strong flavours).  For the chillies we harvested any red chilli we had, so we’ve got explosive ember, space chilli, apache and basket of fire in there! Packs a punch for sure!

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty

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