Pigeon breast, black pudding & bacon


This is one of our favourite “game” meals, it’s quick to prep and always delivers on flavour.  This time though we changed the cooking method for the black pudding and we also used a home steeped balsamic vinegar that knocked this meal out of the ball park!

So, yes, this will make a few pans dirty, but the textures you get as an end result are totally worth it!

Pan 1 – Remove the skin from the black pudding, cut into 1 inch thick chunks and fry in a little oil or butter until crispy, you can try to flip this over too, but it will be soft and crumbly so a delicate hand is required.

Pan 2 – Dice some smoked bacon, or use some smoked pancetta diced and cook slowly on a low heat to allow it’s fat to render out and get the pieces all evenly cooked and a deep golden colour.

Pan 3 – Pan fry the pigeon breast in a little olive oil and/or some of the bacon fat until you have desired pinkness.  Some like this after only a minute on each side, others require a little longer to cook.

Serve with some reduced balsamic vinegar, or the special one described below.  Excellent with new potatoes and some fresh salad.

The blackberry balsamic vinegar is something that will need to be prepped at least a week beforehand.  You steep blackberries, rosemary, thyme and basil in balsamic vinegar for a week, then you strain the mixture, put the vinegar in a pan, add some sugar and heat until the sugar dissolves, then boil for 5 minutes and bottle into a sterile container.  Recipe link and full details here by “Epicurios”.  It’s delicious and we will be making more of this shortly!

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