It’s that time of year! Sweetcorn!!!

We like to grow a few varieties with different colours and always mess up the spacing so they cross pollinate anyway!  We’ve even had some of our seeds affect the cobs on the plot diagonally from us, so you need more than 3m clearance to be safe!  In the mean time, we introduce our “Earlibird”, “Fiesta” and “Bloodybutcher” mixtures =D  So much fun!  Please share pictures of your unusual cobs too if you’ve got some!

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  1. amybmoreno says:

    Wow – I’ve never seen purple corn outside of Peru! We’d use it to make chicha morada (a traditional sweet drink) – what do you use it for?

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    1. ebbeybear says:

      We remove the kernals like you would normal corn and use it in soups and noodles, we also eat it off the cob, although it’s a little chewier in texture than folks are used to. We love it!

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      1. amybmoreno says:

        Yeah, the texture is different, isn’t it? Do you find it sweeter than regular yellow coloured corn? It’s usually used in sweet dishes in Peru.

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      2. ebbeybear says:

        I found it had a more toffee-like flavour, but not really “sweeter” as such. You could tell the difference on a blindfold taste test for sure =)

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      3. ebbeybear says:

        I hadn’t heard of using in puddings to be fair, I’ll do some research now, many thanks!!! *hugs*

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