Raspberry & Carolina Reaper chilli coulis


Can’t beat a bit of food and recipe experimentation, as you’ll know if you read this blog regularly, it’s something both hubby and I get passionate about!

We’ve been blessed this year with lots of raspberries!  The canes we started off last year in the back garden have done very well and we gained about 30 new canes down the allotment too, talk about blessed!!!

We were recently gifted some Carolina Reaper chilli pods, and when I say some… I mean lots! So it’s time to work out what we can make with them that tastes good and compliments our food!

Introducing, beautifully smooth, sweet and sharp raspberry coulis, with the added UMPH that a chilli brings! =)  The recipe we worked from is from the BBC GoodFood site and a link to it is here.  The only change made was to add a chilli pod to the mix!

This will only keep about a week and you’ll need to keep it in the fridge!

We’ve also been lucky enough to play around scoffing this delicious sauce already!  Here’s the porridge we had for breakfast and the natural yoghurt with seeds we had at dinner time!  Hope you enjoy!

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